Hi, I'm Gene.  I help committed people live in a way that makes achieving their goals inevitable.

Content on this website will revolve around 2 facts:

"Most business problems are people problems." - Dan Kennedy

"You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." - Ayn Rand

The #1 Reason People Fail

They simple don't do the required actions.  Instead, they come up with a list of reasons why they didn't accomplish what they wanted to.  Reasons only justify your actions.  They don't alter them.

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The Purpose of This Site Is Simple:
To Change How You See the World

I want to help you solve your problems in such a way that you'll be more likely to solve the next problem without any outside help.  Even better...help you learn how to prevent problems in the first place.

How you see the world dictates what you see as possible. What you see as possible determines what actions you take. What actions you take determines the results you get.

If Your View of the World Never Changes, Your Life Will Never Change.

The way you see yourself and the world around you is just a collection of ideas you’ve acquired, consciously and unconsciously, as you’ve gone through life.

That collection of ideas became the story you crafted.  It's your perception of everything...your story is your perception of how the world works.  Said another way, you literally invented a story about how the world works.

This is great news because YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR STORY AT ANY TIME.

You invented it in the first place.  So, if you want a new life just invent a new story.  Today.  Right now.  Now is the only time you can ever change.  The past is over and the future is just another now...later down the road.  Choose to change, now.

Change Is Always A Choice

As you can now see, change is simple...but not easy.  Your life is made up of what you believe to be true.  Therefore, change is really just replacing one truth for another.  Read More Here.

Bullshit Free Zone

You'll Have No Right to Complain About Any Lack of Success From This Point Forward

Things may not be your fault up until now.  But moving forward they will be.  Here you'll learn exactly how to CREATE the life you desire.

This takes work but it's a lot easier than failing.  If you're not ready to do whatever it takes then get out now.

Success Equals

  1.  Stop lying to yourself
  2.  Get out of your own way
  3.  Get clear on your desired outcome
  4.  Identify the required steps
  5.  Put in the required work

Perception vs Reality

A big reason people struggle is because their perception of reality is different from actual reality.  This disconnect holds them back.

When you stop holding onto the way you wish things were and instead deal with the way things really are, you can start transforming your life.

Which Brings Us Back To...

"Most business problems are people problems."

If what you are doing isn't working, then you need to change how you see the world so your actions will then change.  If you don't do this, you will always struggle.  Always.

To create lasting change you must find the underlying cause and then develop a plan to solve the problem at its source.  Trying to fix it any other way only leads to a temporary change.

"You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."

The world works the way it does whether you agree with it or not. There are universal laws that work and they do not care what color your skin is, age, background, income, etc.

Gravity doesn't care who steps off the ledge - they're going down.

Deal with reality.  After all, it's on your side.  Then do what's required and you will get desired results.  Period.  It can't be any other way.

A Profitable Business is a Side Effect of Human Effectiveness and Growth in Productivity.

Choosing to ignore that most business problems are people problems leads to suffering the consequences of ignoring it.  One being the consequences won't disappear simply because you don't want to address them.

Face Reality or Ignore It.  Your Choice. It Always Is.

Just Because You Believe Something Doesn't Mean It's True

It just means you believe it. 
What false beliefs do you tell yourself?

This Mindset Shift Leads To
A Business Breakthrough

What business are you in? 
I bet you're actually in this business...

Never Look At Time
The Same Way Again

Ever think you don't have enough time?  If so, you thought wrong  Here's why...

The Only Way To Change

You can always change as long as you're aware of where you're living.  It's possible regardless of your past failures, skills, talents, motivation, fears, or any other nonsense people like to come up with.

It starts with awareness and then a choice.  You're here, so now you're aware.

When you deliberately create empowering positions to operate from, your life will transform.  The only way to create those empowering positions is by choice.  You must choose to live a certain way.

The alternative is your life becomes the result of circumstances.

Where are you currently living from... Choice or Circumstance?

Are you a victim or an owner?  One is a more effective way of living.  One keeps you stuck.


  • ​Victim of circumstances
  • Allow life to happen to them
  • Believe they have no control
  • Believe they have no power
  • Look for permission outside of themselves
  • Place blame on something other than themself


  • ​Create circumstances
  • Create their life
  • Take control
  • Believe they have the power to change their life at will
  • Give themself permission to live the life they choose
  • Create responsibility

Victims are fixated on solving their past.  Owners know the past is irrelevant so they don't dwell on it.  Instead, they focus on creating their future.

You choose what position you operate from.  You may think you don't, but you are always choosing.  Sometimes it's just on a subconscious level so you're unaware of it.

If you're a victim you can choose to be an owner.  Today.  Right now.  You empower yourself by choosing.  Owners get to create the life they want.  They have the power to bring desired outcomes into existence.

The alternative is to do nothing.  To sit there.  This leads to your default future.  Is that good news?

Choose to own your life.  Choose to create your life.  You have the power to create anything you desire in your life.  You just have to choose.

Truth Without The Bullshit

I don't bullshit people and because of that some people think I'm a jerk.  Others like it.  Judge for yourself.  Look, I just tell it like it is.  It's not my fault if someone doesn't like reality.

Where can I reach out to you and let you know when I post more incredible content?  Don't worry, I'm not going to spam you, send you affiliate offers, or any other nonsense like that.  Pinky promise.

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